Stock, Lake/Mountain Inset, Vintage Apricot Can Label


An unused stock can label.  There is no canner or grocer etc., name.  To have a custom label printed you would contact the lithograph company, come up with a design and usually have a large number of labels printed.  This could be expensive, especially if you only need a few labels.  If you were a smaller canner, or had a lot of small runs, lithograph companies had these stock labels on hand and you could have your information printed on in black ink.  These are popular with can labels, some very nice product vignettes.

  • 4.25 x 13.00 inches in size.
  • Printed in the 1940s.
  • Mint condition.
An original label, not a copy, not a computer-printed art print.  A vintage label intended to be pasted on a can, but never used.  Old stock from a warehouse find.  When shopping at a store during this time period, this is the actual label you would have found on a can.

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