Business Week, December 3, 2001

A label collector who was buying from The Label Man on eBay was also an editor at Business Week.  Business Week was doing an e-Biz Supplement called Inside eBay, and he was looking for a photo of a typical eBay seller. This editor thought the labels would be a good option since they are so colorful, so a photographer from San Jose came up for the photo. Although the article was not much about labels, Dwayne recalls the interesting event fondly. 

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L&NW, Label & Narrow Web, March 2009

Label & Narrow Web is an industry publication covering food packing, marketing and labeling.  Labeling being an integral part of any marketing plan, they thought an article on vintage labels would be interesting for their subscribers.

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Romantic Homes, March 2010

Romantic Homes is a popular magazine geared to home design. Felt-framed crate labels are welcome additions to vintage-styled kitchens, so The Label Man was featured in a March 2010 publication.

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Country Living, April 2013

To bring in the spring, Country Living did a cover article on collecting vintage seed packets. Of all the publishers Dwayne has worked with, Country Living was by far the most thorough.  A researcher dug into the background of some seed companies and turned up some new information.  Through and through, they were very professional and great to work with.

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The Simple Things, May 2015

The Simple Things is a colorful publication based in the United Kingdom focusing on the simpler things in life.  They created a very nice presentation of some scarcer seed packets. 

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Sacramento Bee, March 31, 2017

Sacramento Bee had special section dedicated to collectibles in March 2017. One of the segments was about how crate labels can be collectibles as well as decorations.

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United States Postal System Forever Stamps, Antique Seed Packets, 2013

Every year, USPS comes out with a new flower-themed stamp, which is very popular and have a large following for weddings. In 2013, an avid stamp collector who also collected seed packets and labels contacted The Label Man, mentioning the new Antique Seed Packet forever stamps.  Three of the featured images were from Everitt’s Seed Store which was a special find that Dwayne had discovered but never really shared.  He looked up his order history and found that the USPS design and marketing company had bought those packets. The Antique Seed Packet stamps did sell out quickly, showing how popular they are, and it was great for Dwayne to see the packets on stamps.