We Buy Vintage Crate and Can Labels

We buy labels - if you have old labels to sell, you’ve found a good place. We are interested in all types of can and fruit crate labels, as well as old seed packets.The following key factors are tips you should follow to make it a smooth, easy, enjoyable experience.

Factor 1

Putting together a detailed list is best, but if you have a large variety of labels it may be easier to call. The Label Man can be reached at (530) 343-5929

Factor 2

Search the internet to find crate label dealers. Contact a few different dealers and see what replies you get. If you have compiled a list, it will help to email that list to the different sites. Offers will vary, often depending on what someone has in stock. Here at The Label Man, we may have 25 of a certain brand but only sell two of those labels a year. Adding more of that same brand is not something we would be interested in, but we may be able to connect you with someone who is interested in that brand.

Factor 3

You should search on different sites to give you an idea of whether your labels are common scarce, and gain insight into your labels’ retail value. Feel free to call us with any questions at (530) 343-5929.