Queen Anne's Lace Vintage Huth Seed Co. Seed Packet


This is an antique seed packet from Huth Seed Co. San Antonio, Texas.  An old hardware store established in the 1860's.  At some point they went into the seed business, often hardware stores would have a display selling there own seeds, they would use stock packets and have their names printed on them.  These turned up in the 1970-80's.  I would guess a few thousand or more were found, never see them an any quantity.  

  • 3.25 x 5.00 inches in size.
  • Printed in the 1940s.
  • Condition, some light wear, nice, actual packet shown.
This is an original seed packet printed around the date noted above, but was never used, there are no seeds.   This seed package would be considered a warehouse find, left over stock that was never used and sat in the warehouse for decades.  A colorful piece of Ephemera.

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