The International Brand Antique Tobacco Caddy Label


An early original tobacco label used by Watson and McGill, Petersburg, Virginia.  Inset of ship at sea, bald eagle and American and British Flags.

  • 7.25 x 13.50 inches in size.
  • Printed in the 1880-1900s.
  • Condition, quite a few tears mainly on borders, archival tape on back.
This is a vintage label, NOT a reproduction, NOT an art print or color copy.  Often referred to as tobacco caddy labels, these early labels were printed to be used on crates of plug tobacco, or chewing tobacco.  These have only turned up in a couple finds, one large find in the 1960's, when probably 10,000's of them were found in a warehouse, I believe over 200 different brands.  some were found in large amounts, others only a few.  Highly sought after by antique dealers and ephemera collectors, the find has for the most part been dispersed.  Large color lithographs from this time period are generally tough to find, color printing technology was just starting to be commercially viable.  Probably printed on limestones.

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