Tenney's Standard Brand Vintage Peach Can Label


This antique can label was used by A. F. Tenney Canning Co., San Francisco, California.  An early label from a pioneer California canner.  I wouldn't be surprised if they actually had a plant in San Francisco at the time.  Hand holding can, gold trim.

  • 4.25 x 13.00 inches in size.
  • Printed in the 1900s.
  • Condition.  This label was taped into a sample book, I believe during a project at the cannery to organized one of every brand and version in 1927.  I have many labels that do have a hand written 1927 on the back.  The tape has dried and fallen off, but the paper has the stain from the tape, not sticky.  Only one I've seen.
An original label, not a copy, not a computer-printed art print.  A vintage label intended to be pasted on a can, but never used.  Old stock from a warehouse find.  When shopping at a store during this time period, this is the actual label you would have found on a can.

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